High Performance Computing is defined as the simultaneous execution of a job using multiple processors. This is because the job cannot be done with a single processor as it took long time or the processor speed is not sufficient. For the High Performance Computing, high-speed LAN connections are used for loosely or tightly joining multiple running computers. However, High Computing, Computing Clusters turn into a more complex structure due to the increase and diversification of research-intensive institutions and organizations.  Various open-source and commercial applications are being developed to facilitate the establishment, management and monitoring of these clusters. In this study, the criteria to be considered in selecting one of these applications will be explained. Additionally, we will focus on how user operations should be authorized through the selected application for the cluster manager based on the criteria specified. Finally, a number of models will be proposed though the paper for the authorization of user and group actions. Moreover, the equivalence of the relevant concepts and terms in the High Performance Computing Clusters (HPCC) in the Turkish language were used carefully throughout the study because the HPCC is one of the most extreme points of the computing world.  


High Performance, User, Computing